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Course introduction

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course Learning time Learning progress career
2 years Primary intermediate and Advanced  ◆Entrance practicing EJU practicing
◆Small paper practicing
◆Face to face interview
1 year and nine months Primary intermediate and advanced
1 year and six months Primary intermediate and advanced
1 year and 3 months Primary intermediate and advanced

  Other course :practical Japanese,business Japanese and Japanese conversation(require the learner have to get JLPT N2 and pass the lyceum test. )

PS: every course purpose

primary A: requiring the learners to grasp the correct pronunciation primary grammar , especially the learner have to remember at least 300 Japanese words such as hiragana and katakana.JLPT level is N4 to N5

 Primary B: the learner can learn the basic grammar look like automatic word presumes and causative word.then can write a small composition includes 300 words.

Intermediate: can use some complicated grammar well,can read some novella article. Then the learner can write appropriately 800 composition.require JLPT N2.

Intermediate to advance: can hold some advanced grammar, can read newspaper and thesis, then can finish 1000words competition.JLPT N1

Advance: can speak Japanese likes local and can know approximately 90% Japanese grammar and words.JLPT N1